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Some guide help you to buy fashion baby

More and more exciting with fashion baby by design rich and attractive. Shopping same category selected for the love of beautiful clothes are light and fit!To see all the diversity of models and designs of the costumes that you should learn about children's clothing market. Upon entering the store, people see the world of fashion with a multi-style miniature in her beautiful clothes that the price of this dress if it did not work out the "baby" is completely broken ...How can both buy clothes of good quality, affordable again in line with their age, hobbies? And more is guiding your baby a style from the baby? That is what makes many mothers have a headache. In this article, it is assured that forum posting will help you choose for your baby's cute outfits are light anf fit!

Choose fabric for baby

We should choose babywear with cotton fabric although there are many kinds of material clothes for baby. This is the best material for natural baby because cotton soaks up sweat will be better than the synthetic fibers. Fear is the natural does not irritate the skin of young children.Do not choose the clothes too small, too close bunch of her body, thus making movement difficult baby, the clothes will rub on baby's skin, causing swelling, red rash, your baby will feel uncomfortable and sometimes handcuffed to cry to signal sensations of itching on my body.

Choose size for baby clothes.

The baby was born with different weight, but the same size clothes. How to choose the size clothing for baby?

Through monthly ultrasound is the last months, she may know her baby's estimated how many Kg weight, how much longer to prepare for baby clothes.In fact, baby clothing size depends on the measurement of length and weigh it. Thus, to find a standard size clothing for babies, the mothers can rely on standard charts to find the size for your baby. On the labels of baby clothing that shows very clearly specified weight, height, number of months of the baby.Depending on the height, weight, mother of the baby to adjust to purchase clothing size accordingly. You do not just buy in certain months where her age.

Choose colors and styles

With the baby, the mother should pay attention to selecting paste tore her garments, tie or buttoned askew. As such, will not hurt your baby if accidentally soldered onto buttons. What kind of tight neck shirt and a little bit longer to cover the abdomen prevent the baby from cold, easily lead to sore throats and abdominal pain.

For babies, choose clothing color is white. Thus, patterned clothing, team color products, baby care kkhoong skin irritation.

Boys clothing and girls clothing nearly identical 100%. I do not have to worry about buying clothes not suitable for child sex. Some clothing brands often differentiated by the borders of clothing for girls are pink and blue baby boy is no different designs.

In the opinion of psychologists, parents also should not be imposed children's furniture to Serbia tone tone, every son, blue, pink daughter, likely to cause distortions later development.

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The ways to help you choose your baby fashion

There are so many things around the world that he wanted to explore, so our baby is always active and playful. Indeed we let the little angel would come to his childhood in the world with children's wear in Baby Fashion. The collection was always giving you the fresh, with a variety of colors that retains the warmth and comfort. General style is to blend color and variety to show complete with costume and accessories in harmony.

Coming to Fashion Shop Baby, it is various for you to choose for your children items such as clothes, shoes, toys or lotions, bottles for infants. So when choosing these products here, you are assured of quality and safety for your baby's skin.Because of the material mainly clothes are cotton, shirt, khaki shirt with the quality, .. desiccator and extensively in the region so the baby to move more appropriate for boys or naughty and play. In contrast, the customes for girls that add other materials to create the soft, gentle as silk, chiffon soft...And more, the coordination between the colors is very harmonious, delicate lines and patterns, dynamic and cute, making our children are lovely and adorable. We will see the color for the childhood such as the red sun of his baby, and blue of the sea to the pale gray mouse cute chubby baby ....And sometimes, the colors changes to dark and light colored horizontal stripes will give you are feel free to look at white skin, smooth and lovely baby.Or the funny dresses for girls and the clothes look very "cool" will certainly enjoy the boys.If you are looking for cute outfits for girls or boys, we will help you to choose.

how to choose clothes for girls:

Buy: Before shopping, you need to decide on the number of baby clothes to buy and not buy anything, though what you would love.

Color combination: With girls, dressed in the colors it should be noted. The color with the girls back together is easy red shirt, yellow shirt with a white dress, blue dress ... or the associated multi-colored dress.

Drawing: The girl loves the textures on the clothes. You can select the sample strawberries, flowers, animals, stars, moon and the smiley face ... on the clothes for girls.

Soft fabric: The delicate baby skin and very sensitive to textures. Choose a soft cloth to her to be more comfortable to wear.

Accessories: The girl loves the mother "variable to" a princess or little angels. Just add a hat, shoes, bag gloves that she had a beautiful outfit.

Seasonal Clothing: Should seasonal clothing sufficient quantities as "beautiful doll" will grow a lot next season. At that time, her clothes no longer fit anymore.

how to choose clothes for boys

Decide what to buy: Do not buy the inspired, carefully make a list of things that you want to buy you first, for example, swimsuits, pants ... This saves you.

Choose a simple style: The style dress with big buttons, zippers, the stylized look nice ... but make it difficult for her to manipulate. Also, she can tear the clothes because these things.

Should compare: After selecting the type and texture, compare them with others, maybe you will find a similar style shirt with a lower cost.

Accessories and clothing for the occasion: You absolutely can do for boys with strong caps, footwear, Caravat ... boy will look a little like a real prince


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